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Yoga Day

Yoga Day

Did you know there’s an international day of yoga? Well, the United Nations on 11 December 2014, proclaimed June 21st as the International Day of Yoga by resolution 69/131. Yes, they passed a resolution and everything.

June 21st International Yoga Day and in the Northern Hemisphere it’s also the Summer Solstice – the day with the most daylight. Pixabay image.

Yoga, which has been practised for millennia, is one of those things people either love or can’t see the point of at all. Personally I love it. I think it’s great for grounding you and giving you a much greater sense of control over your body. Also, I love the relaxation bit at the end of a yoga class.

During the relaxation bit the teacher will get you to mentally go around your body letting go of tension or unease. One of the most relaxing sensations I’ve ever had was focusing on my eyebrows separating and feeling the skin on scalp loose as if a breeze was gently flowing under it. It sounds mad. It felt great.

But even though I love yoga I haven’t practised it for a while. Then last week when I heard that June 21st is World Yoga Day I thought about doing a little yoga again. Need me some grounding and focus.

There are plenty of great – and free – yoga lessons you can find online. There’s loads of yoga videos on youtube for example. However, if you haven’t ever done yoga before I’d strongly recommend going for a course of classes. It’s the best way to do yoga and the instructor will correct your alignment if you’re doing it wrong. There are plenty of good teachers here in Dublin; I’ve been to classes at Rani Yoga, Yoga Dublin and Yoga Hub, and they’re all excellent.

A cat doing downward dog. – Because yoga poses are just what our bodies naturally need to do. Pixabay image.

I’m only looking to do some short yoga practises daily to get back into the flow. So today I decided to sign up for the free 30 day trial on do you yoga – no idea what it’s like as yet but it looks good.

Then when I’ve got a bit more into the swing of things I’d like to work on my chakras so I found these videos on youtube from BrettLarkin Yoga – again I’ve no idea as yet what they’re like but they look good so I thought I’d share a playlist with you here.

Why I decided to share this here is … I love the new theme I’ve chosen for the site and I just had to add some new content to it. And Yoga Day seemed the perfect topic – go with the flow of the good energy.