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Vegan Green Tea Brack

Vegan Green Tea Brack

Well, third time’s a charm! This Green Tea Brack still has a fudgy rather than crumbly cake consistency but actually this works well here – and the taste is great.

The problem was really the blend of flours. I think I’ve mentioned previously that before I started abitmoreveg I tried some gluten-free banana bread recipes where I used a ready made gluten-free flour blend and I was not at all pleased with the results. But I decided to try it here – except this time I used some other flours with it. To be honest I did this because I thought it might make the cake more crumbly. It didn’t. But the taste is right. So now I’m using a mix of polenta (corn meal), gluten-free white flour mix, rice flour and coconut flour.

I added in the polenta because it add a nice gentle sort of creaminess to the taste. This time I just whizzed the lime juice, coconut oil, avocado, green tea, maple syrup and the polenta (corn meal) together in the blend and left this overnight in the fridge to get rid of any grittiness in the corn meal. It was a liquid mix when I put it in the fridge and the next morning it was quite doughy and solid.

The last attempt I made I added in 80g of coconut flour – that was way too much, but I kept remembering how good it smelled baking so I decided to add 20g this time and yes this was the right amount. I felt like Goldilocks – it was just right.

The fruit I added in is a mix of raisins, sultanas and dried cranberries – a fistful of the Supervalu luxury fruit mix. Again, it was just right.

There is also more maple syrup in this one. The recipe uses a full 250ml bottle of maple syrup. It is very sweet but it is a cake so… It still pretty healthy as cakes go and it’s full of good fat. Both the cake and it’s topping are full of avocado and coconut oil.

Will I make it again? Definitely. I like this a lot. But I don’t think I’ll be making any more vegan cakes, vegan desserts yes but baking gluten-free cakes without eggs it’s a bit beyond me. But I do need some more good vegan desserts – they’re so heart healthy.


OK, after tasting this again this morning, not after eating a whole load of chocolates beforehand (’tis the season in fairness…) – this did taste really really sweet – the topping especially so, so please add the maple syrup according to your own tastebuds.

Also, this is very very filling.

Green tea, coconut oil, maple syrup, limes, avocado and polenta.
Ingredients for green tea brack
White bread flour blend, chia seeds, the mix from the blender, dried fruit mix, coconut flour and rice flour.
add tablespoon of oil
Add a tablespoon of sunflower oil.
Ingredients for topping
Ingredients for topping; maple syrup, coconut oil, lime juice and zest, mashed avocado and green tea.
green tea brack mixture
After whisking in the chia seeds, stir in the fruit.
baked green tea brack
I took it out of the oven and decided to try a finger – see if this one was better.
tasting green tea brack
Just a quick taste test – had one finger and then another – mm, this is tasting good…
good with a cuppa
Good with a cup of black tea.

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I really want to make this. There is something so nice about a swiss roll, isn’t there?

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Also, I’d substitute maple syrup for the stevia – just because it’s more widely available in stores.

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I have never made a green tea baked cheesecake. I have never made any type of baked cheesecake. I have read too many recipes for baked cheesecakes which start off by saying something like “Baked cheesecakes have a reputation for being difficult but actually …” at which point I go “oh no, it’s difficult – let’s find something easy.” So I will happily eat this dessert – very happily – but I will never make it. Will you?

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And one final quick breakfast smoothie recipe – and it doesn’t contain coconut. I like coconut but I know if you’re avoiding dairy it’s good to have a bit of variation among the substitutes.

Although dairy-free the recipe isn’t vegan because it uses honey but you could use maple syrup with a little lime juice instead. One thing I discovered when making the topping for the green tea brack is that green tea, avocado, maple syrup and lime is a surprisingly good combination.