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Radishes, Garlic, Artichokes & Olives

Radishes, Garlic, Artichokes & Olives

I’ve been a little lost for inspiration since going gluten-free. I know, it’s ridiculous. There is so much food out there that doesn’t include flour. But I guess that’s what I’m missing so that’s what I’m thinking about.

It wasn’t until I was looking at the list of posts in the admin section here that I realized how few posts I’d added in the last couple of months. So time to get some inspiration going on. And I decided that rather than going with what I’m actually thinking about (wholemeal bread, pizza, pasta, you get the picture…) to take inspiration from the little images of veg I have on the page. Actually I’m not sure if any of these are, strictly speaking, vegetables, but I know they are all very nutritious and delicious, so it’s a pretty good place to start.


The first time I ate artichoke was when I was 14 on a language exchange in France. It was gorgeous. It had been steamed and was served with a sort of vinaigrette to dip the leaves in. I have never cooked it myself and actually I haven’t eaten it that often either because it’s not something that is widely on offer in Ireland. But if you go to a good green grocers you can pick them up at this time of year.


I’ve added radishes to salads in the past and roasted them (they’re lovely with butter melted over them). Radishes are reputed to be really good for you, your blood and your liver so lets get some good recipes:


I love olives. I will happily add them into many many dishes. I have a very simple recipe for roasted red pepper and black olive tapenade that I use a bit like ketchup. It’s much sweeter with more of a tomato flavour than a normal tapenade and I make it with black olives you get in brine in a jar. It’s very cheap, very healthy and full of flavour. But it’s not – hmm what’s the word … sophisticated? I also love green olives but I’ve never actually made salsa verde so time to get recipes for these things I guess.


Everybody knows garlic is good for you and it’s so tasty too. Particularly when roasted.


Well I’ve no excuses now. Best get cooking.