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Puy Lentils, Black Beans and … um … chocolate?

Puy Lentils, Black Beans and … um … chocolate?

Almost every day I browse through recipes online. There are so many to choose from and I often find myself looking at a recipe thinking ooh I really want to try that or some version of that, but I don’t have the ingredients to hand or I don’t have the time (or maybe just the energy) to try some new and possibly complicated thing… But I do really want to come back and try it later. And then my attention is caught by some other recipe or whatever so I forget about it until ages later I’m just idly wondering about what to do with the stuff in the kitchen presses and I’ll remember that I saw this really interesting recipe that I’m pretty sure I now have all the ingredients for if I could just remember where I found it…

So, I’m going to note them here in my new Recipe Inspiration category. And maybe some other places too.

Not all the recipes will be vegetarian. Not all of them will be the healthiest choice – though most will should be. But there is something about all of them that I really like.

  • French Lentil Soup – I have made a version of this this week. This was the start of a ramble through various different recipes and after having 9 tabs in my browser that I wasn’t going to close until I had attempted them in some way I decided there has got to be a better way.
  • French Lentil and Vegetable Soup with Bacon – After looking through the French Lentil Soup recipe I searched for others without miso paste. This was the other recipe that caught my eye. And as I’m not vegetarian I’m definitely going to give it a go.
  • Hearty Lentil & Black Bean Soup with Smoked Paprika Recipe – This was another Lentil Soup recipe that caught my eye, particularly since I bought a packet of organic black turtle beans during the summer that have sat conspicuously (and I feel a little mockingly) in my cupboard ever since. I also have some smoked paprika which I picked up by accident and have yet to use in anything, so this is something I definitely want to try. The recipe looks great and I love that the focus of Cookin’ Canuck is on healthy food.
  • Black Bean Salsa Chili with Avocado Cream – The Lentil and Black Bean Soup recipe then sent me off of an search for black bean recipes and while I’m not sure if I will make this I wanted to take note of it. I want to get further with my healthy eating goals before I work on another dip for tortilla chips.
  • The Lazy Cook’s Way to Great Black Beans – I noticed that the black beans in the previous two recipes are actually tinned so I looked for a recipe for cooking black beans and found it through this post on why there is more flavour in the beans if you cook them without pre-soaking them, and the “lazy” recipe also brought me to these black bean burgers. I’d never even heard of this type of veggie burger – here’s hoping it tastes as good as it looks.

And then somehow I ended up here:

And then after I came up with the Puy Lentils, Black Beans and … um … chocolate? title I thought wouldn’t it be funny if there was a recipe that included these three ingredients together… I’m kinda glad to report that I didn’t find that – but I did discover that black beans and chocolate is definitely a thing, maybe even a very good thing – just look at this Rich Black Bean Fudge – it looks so good!

So that’s what’s caught my eye this week. It doesn’t always happen that so many things seem so appealing so I’m not sure how regularly I’ll be adding to this, but we’ll see.

Oh, I almost forgot – I’m closing the tabs as I go through this – there are still 2 more to go:

  • Portobello Shepherd’s Pies – this is another meat-eater recipe but the idea so simple and looks great, you can easily adapt to a vegetarian recipe, it’s a Portobello mushroom, stuffed with minced meat in gravy, topped with creamy mash and baked – just substitute lentils (or similar) for the meat and you’ve a gorgeous veggie dish. Once again, I’ve no idea how I ended up on this recipe but I’m very glad I did.

And the last recipe I discovered because I was contemplating adding black beans to the French Lentil Soup and I thought I remembered reading that cooking beans with seaweed speeds up the cooking time, so I looked that up and found this Morrocan Soup recipe that seems to include every spice that I love so I really want to try this:

In the end I decided to leave the black beans out but I did add in the Dillisk – finally a dish to which I know I can add seaweed and love.