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Potatoes, Beets and Pumpkins – Autumn Recipe Inspiration

Potatoes, Beets and Pumpkins – Autumn Recipe Inspiration
Potatoes, Pumpkins and Beets. Colours for this Autumn.
Potatoes, Pumpkins and Beets. My recipe inspiration for this autumn.

As the weather is slowly getting that bit cooler I thought it would be good to get some nice comforting dishes together. To me that means good stodgy food. What’s healthy and stodgy? Potatoes, of course. The beets I’m adding because I need to learn how to cook them myself rather than only buying cooked ones and pumpkins because at this time of year food blogs are filled with pumpkin-everything and I want to see what all the fuss is about.

I also want to get some new breakfast and sweet treat options but maybe with a different set of ingredients.


Eggs Baked in Avocado – I think this looks great and seems like it would be a really filling and nutritious breakfast. I just want to use garam masala in it. Baked avocado and garam masala goes really well together.

Toasted Super Seed Power Bread – I’d like to get a good vegan-friendly gluten free bread recipe. This could be the one.


Roasted Garlic Potato Soup – I already have a potato soup recipe that I love and I’m going to add it here soon but I just thought I’d see what else was out there and came across this which looks absolutely delicious. The recipe uses Parmesan cheese but you can find vegetarian substitutes, which taste exactly the same as Parmesan, in most delis or cheesemongers.

Roasted Beets with Orange Slices – OK, the photo doesn’t really grab me but I really love the Beetroot, Orange and Mustard Soup so I suspect that this should actually taste great, and maybe I could add some roasted pumpkin to it?


Tandoori Pumpkin Curry – This looks both delicious and easy – my favourite kind of recipe! Only thing is it calls for Tandoori Curry Powder so I need to find some of that…

Gluten-free Vegan/Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie – I’m probably going to adapt my own vegan shepherd’s pie for this one but I wanted to see what was out there and this looks great. So does this one.


There are actually a million and one different desserts I have in mind in make but a lot require pastry so what I really need is a good recipe for gluten-free pastry. Maybe this one?

Matcha Mini Cheesecakes with White Chocolate Covered Strawberries – Last weekend I started experimenting with a recipe for a vegan green tea brack – it needs a little work but while I was looking up stuff I came across this recipe – how good do they look?? I would love to try these.


I think that’s enough inspiration to be getting on with things.

You know, between the pumkin and the beets, I think the beets look way scarier – maybe they should be the Halloween veg.