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Avocado and Almond Smoothie

Avocado and Almond Smoothie

I love avocado and it’s so good for you. A few years ago I had an avocado, honey and milk smoothie which was lovely but my sinuses get very congested if I have a lot of dairy so it wasn’t something I ever made for myself and then last Thursday it suddenly occurred to me, why not try making the smoothie with almond milk?

avocado and almond smoothie
Heart healthy and so creamy…

I add some lime juice to the almond milk because milk is a little acidic and I think the lime juice helps it taste a teeny bit more like dairy milk. In the recipe I say to add to your own taste because I tend to like things a little on the acidic side and the beauty of this smoothie is that its so gentle and creamy tasting. I added the juice of one lime but I think half that would be plenty. I also added a tablespoon of honey and that might be sweeter than some people need so start off with a teaspoon and see if you need more.

I also want to try this with coconut water. I suspect it will be lovely and maybe use agave or maple syrup if you want to make this vegan.

You only need half an avocado for the smoothie so if you don’t have any immediate plans for the other half, keep the stone in it, sprinkle over some lime juice and it will stay good in the fridge for the next 24 hours.

One thing you should know though – this does taste very creamy but you will taste both the avocado and the almond. I love both avocado and almond but if you are not yet a fan of these guys I’d suggest first growing your love for them with things like guacamole and cakes or loafs made with ground almonds.

And it’s worth growing your love for them because this tastes good but also makes you feel really good. Well, it made me feel good.

Ingredients for avocado and almond smoothie
Almond milk, avocado, honey and lime juice.
glass of avocado and almond smoothie
Healthy, sweet and gentle – might make for a good breakfast smoothie.

Get the full recipe here >>

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I picked this one because of the name. It’s got spinach in it. For some reason I can’t quite accept the concept of spinach in a smoothie – watercress I could accept. Maybe I could make this watercress… I do like the idea of smoothie that tastes like apple pie. Beside the spinach this also has apple juice, cinnamon, nutmeg, walnuts, avocado, cucumber and apple. Sounds very very healthy – and quite tasty too. Watercress it is then.

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Have you got that “If you like Piña Colada” song in your head now? Oh you do since I asked? Sorry.

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