Why I started abitmoreveg

I think the name of the blog gives it away – I want to eat more healthily. I already eat a fair amount of fruit and veg but the problem is that on top of that I also eat a lot of snack foods or sugar-laden stuff. Mostly it’s just out of habit but I tend to feel tired a lot and this sort of food will give you energy in the short term but, as we all know, it totally wrecks you long-term. I know that after about 3 months of eating well I will feel much better but for some reason getting down to it and actually doing it is … well, it’s so difficult I’ve created a blog specifically to force me to do it. I want to develop vegetarian recipes that use simple, everyday ingredients (i.e. you should be able to find them in your local supermarket). I’m not vegetarian but I hope that by focusing on vegetarian dishes I’ll eventually have a whole range of really healthy dishes and snacks and also I enjoy the challenge of creating vegetarian recipes that taste as good, if not better, than the meat version.

Another reason why I wanted to start abitmoreveg was that I wanted to create a food blog that had appetizing pics of the food alongside accurate, and easy to follow recipes. Taking good photos does not come naturally to me and I have a terrible habit of working on a recipe, finally getting it just-so (how I like it) and then just enjoying the meal, forgetting to record the recipe straightaway so by the time I sit down to put it to paper I’ve actually forgotten half of it. It’s very annoying. For abitmoreveg I have a new routine to ensure this doesn’t happen anymore; I write up the recipe before I try to make it and then adjust it as I go about making it just-so. I know, it’s so simple, I must be the only person who didn’t start off this way.

So making sure the recipes are accurate isn’t so very difficult, but I must admit the photography side of things still is. I just don’t have “the eye” as they say. That said I still enjoy trying to take good shots. I used to use a simple point-and-click camera but I bought a DSLR camera (a budget one) this year. I felt a little foolish buying one but I had read posts by so many other food bloggers that recommended using one that I decided to just try one and see for myself. I was certain it was going to money down the drain. That old saying

a poor workman always blames his tools

kept running around my head. After all how much difference could a camera make? Turns out maybe the poor workman has a point because, while I’m still not great at setting up the shot or making sure there’s enough light, my photos looks much better. That nice blurred background effect you can get, that’s the camera. I don’t know half the features yet but still … it makes a big difference.

Ingredients etc. and brands

There will be times in recipes where I will mention a particular brand that I use, if I’ve found that that brand works out best in a recipe. If I ever am offered money (or any sort of reward) to recommend a product and because I like it I decide to then I will make it clear that this is case on the recipe. Reading posts by other food bloggers on the subject of product endorsement it seems like this is something that a blogger has to seek out and if that is the case, it’s unlikely I’ll ever do it. Unless it meant I got free kitchen appliances or tools, ooh or some really nice delf or cutlery or a holiday or a car… Hmm, something tells me it doesn’t work quite like that…

Nutritional information

I am not a nutritionist or a dietician. The nutritional information I include with recipes is just what I have found on the net through looking up the health benefits of the recipe’s ingredients. I add in this information because I think it’s good to remind oneself just how good your food is for you. Celebrate the goodness of your food. Occasionally I will add recipes for sweet treats and I fully intend to add the health benefits of the ingredients for these recipes also. So if you avoid overly processed food, pretty much all your food is good for you, but obviously you can have too much of a good thing. So as one of my favourite sayings goes

Everything in moderation

… including moderation!

So this is abitmoreveg, I hope you find some good recipes here and give them go. Thanks for reading.